Ischia, the enchanting and lush island in the Gulf of Naples, is a paradise easily accessible from the mainland. Thanks to the convenient network of connections from the ports of Naples and Pozzuoli, access to the island is assured via both fast hydrofoils and traditional ferries, offering flexibility and ease to our visitors.

Once on the island, the Hotel del Postiglione will welcome you in the vibrant heart of the town of Ischia. Strategically located, our hotel is just 950 meters from the hydrofoil dock and 1,200 meters from the ferry dock, making luggage transport and arrival at the hotel a breeze.

For visitors seeking a stress-free journey, there are five bus lines connecting the port directly to our hotel. Alternatively, there is an efficient taxi service always available at the port. Please remember that this option is not included in our services and may incur an additional cost.

For those who enjoy soaking in the island's beauty at a leisurely pace, a pleasant walk along Ischia’s pedestrian course will lead you directly to the Hotel del Postiglione. This route offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the island's vibrant atmosphere and discover shops, restaurants, and scenic views along the way.
Hotel del Postiglione ***
Via Giacinto Gigante 19
80077 Ischia (NA)
Isola d'ischia
Partita IVA: 06239081216
CUSR: 15063037ALB0070